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Since 2021- Focus on precision parts machining.Tooling fixtures and industrial automation
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Strive to provide customer solutions with diversified one-stop service by continuous innovation and development

Service hotline:+86-18665654676

01Improve quality with innovation

100 more employees and professional technical personnel 55% or more

Passed the Certificate QMS : ISO9001:2015

Product applications cover aviation, medical, communications, optics, semiconductors, automation and automotive industries

02The concept of excellence

Sound and effective quality management system

Standardization for production, sales and service

Professional production management team

Adopt advanced technology, strictly abide by international standards, and standardize production

03Introduction of advanced equipment

Imported advanced CNC lathes , turning & milling centers

30 more sets CNC centers and other professional equipments 50 sets

Longmen has a large processing center and two large water mill equipment

04A good after-sales service

Perfect technical support, fast after-sales service, and free maintenance training

On-site guidance services of installation and commissioning, provision of accessories and maintenance

About us

Long-term commitment to product technology research and development and the development of more and more new product applications

Dongguan Jingjie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

Founded in May2021, Dongguan JingjiePrecision Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in precision parts machining, tooling and industrial automation (non-standard) equipment design and manufacturing. We serve customers from aviation, medical, communication, optics, semiconductor, electron, automation, automotiveand otherindustries. With constantly expanding advanced production and inspection equipment and high-quality professional technicians, we provide manufacturing and assembly services for sets of mechanical equipment according to cus...


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